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Push yourself in an environment you enjoy

We are more than a gym.

Make our space your home away from home. Enjoy the combination of a vintage rock & soul themed diner and fitness center that encourages members to workout at any pace they choose. Our diner includes great music, arcade style gaming, poker & chess gaming tables, and more!

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Antony Saragas

Specialty: Strength & Mobility Coaching

Tony L Saragas

Specialty: Endurance & Longevity Coaching


Accepting Applications & Freelance Training

total body fitness - Comprehensive health plans

mind body and soul

personal trainers

We provide various trainers with different specialties to help you reach any goal you desire!


We love our soul food, but we love eating healthy too. Stop by any time for either.

Hangout spot

You don't have to be a fitness freak to be a part of our family. Come listen to music, game, and enjoy some good food.

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we ain't ya granddaddy's gym.

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